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Piano teacher lessons in Fife

Always wanted to learn the piano - what have you got to lose? nothing, but plenty to gain...

Neil is a patient, inspirational teacher who enjoys working with both adults and children. His students range in age from 6 years old to Eddie (a retired rock drummer) who is coming on leaps and bounds and is in his mid seventies.

Neil's playing experience spans over 30 years and his interest in "understanding music" has made him successful in helping pupils prepare for theory exams, Standard Grade or Higher Music.

Pupil Yvonne Duncan "I have always wanted to learn Jazz and Blues, and feel that I've gained an understanding of these which I didn't have before my lessons. I am now playing in a way I never previously thought I would. Good teachers are not always easy to find but I think you're one of the best. Thank you."

piano teachers Fife To make an enquiry please Contact Neil.

Rates are currently £25 for 1 hour and for children £16 for 1/2 hour. Burntisland based but travels to pupils homes.

His own teachers/tutors were: Alex Shaw, Sylvia Bar Hamilton, Mark Ferrigan, Jimmy Hendry, Danny Dorian and Gary Burt. Also Haftor Medboe, Mario Caribe and Paul Harrison from Jazz classes and Napier University.

His favoured composers are: Chopin; Pachabel; Arlen; Waller; Jobin; Kern; Rodgers and Hart; Sondheim; Robson; Piaf; Baccarach; Taylor; Hancock; Mercer; Bernstein; Diamond; Joel; Gershwin; Van Heusen; Porter; Charles; Withers; Cline; Nelson; Denver; John; Menken; Mancini; Adele; Sting; Lloyd Webber and many more

You can learn to:

  • play using both hands in a matter of weeks
  • read music
  • play by ear and improvise
  • understand theory, form and chord progressions
  • develop secure and comfortable technique
  • interpret authentically and imaginatively
  • perform regularly in groups, at soirees and formal concerts
  • play duets
  • prepare for national music exams
  • feel motivated and supported in your quest to be a musician
  • conquer performance anxiety
  • The benefits of learning to play the piano:

  • Increases capacity of memory
  • Aids time management and organisational skills
  • Boost team skills
  • Teaches perseverance
  • Enhances co-ordination
  • Helps maths abiltiy
  • Aids:- reading; responsibility; cultural history; concentration; self expression; de stress; sense of achievement; social skills; listening; confidence; breathing and joy.
  • Rates are currently £25 for 1 hour and for children £16 for 1/2 hour . Burntisland based but travels to pupils homes.

    piano teachers Fife To make an enquiry please Contact Neil.

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    Congratulations to Amanda Ameshi who gained distinction in her ABRSM
    Grade One practical piano exam (Nov'15)
    Following in her brother's footsteps, Neil's pupil (Erin McCue) achieved an 'A' grade for her National 5 music.
    Congratulations to local student, Cameron McCue, who achieved Higher Music with an A Grade.

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